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A strategy called a Restricted Property Trust

Due to the history of the industry and the abuses, people were skeptical. After understanding of the mechanics it became clear that it was different than the “other” plans. The […]

Notice 2007-83

Abusive Trust Arrangements Utilizing Cash Value Life Insurance Policies Purportedly to Provide Welfare Benefits – 2007-45 I.R.B. 1 (transactions in which certain trust arrangements claiming to be welfare benefit funds […]

From Forbes

Originally published on Forbes.com For the last two decades Lance Wallach has been a voice crying out in the wilderness on the perils of 419(e) employee welfare plans. Lance is […]

Reportable Transaction Disclosure Statement

Reportable Transaction Disclosure Statement Section references are to the Internal any series of steps carried out as part Participation in a Revenue Code unless otherwise noted. of a plan. Reportable […]

(Audits, Appeals and Tax Court)

419 Plan Tax Controversies

Audits, Appeals and Tax Court It’s not all planning.  Sometimes the IRS might disagree with planning you did with other advisors and you need to find counsel to ensure that your rights […]

Restricted Property Trust

Restricted Property Trust Jeff Gerber Ins. Life Disability Long Term Care Health Interesting ideas are being touted as the latest and greatest uses of Life Insurance for obtaining enormous tax […]

Pac Life suspends Section 79 plan sales

Article added by Roccy DeFrancesco on May 12, 2015 I just confirmed that Pacific Life Insurance suspended all sales of their Section 79 plan.  Why are sales being suspended? I […]


by Nicholas Paleveda I was sitting in my office bored, which is what plan administration work will do to anyone, when the phone rang from our home office in Salt […]

Disclosure of reportable transactions

You must disclose information for each reportable transaction in which you participate. See Reportable Transaction Disclosure Statement, later. Material advisors with respect to any reportable transaction must disclose information about the […]

Abusive Tax Shelters3

Abusive Tax Shelters

  Abusive tax shelters are marketing schemes involving artificial transactions with little or no economic reality. They often make use of unrealistic allocations, inflated appraisals, losses in connection with nonrecourse […]


  Investing in an abusive tax shelter may lead to substantial expenses. First, the promoter generally charges a substantial fee. If your return is examined by the IRS and a […]

Authority for Disallowance of Tax Benefits

The IRS has published guidance concluding that the claimed tax benefits of various abusive tax shelters should be disallowed. The guidance is the conclusion of the IRS on how the […]