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Disclosure of reportable transactions

You must disclose information for each reportable transaction in which you participate. See Reportable Transaction Disclosure Statement, later.

Material advisors with respect to any reportable transaction must disclose information about the transaction on Form 8918, Material Advisor Disclosure Statement. To determine whether you are a material advisor to a transaction, see the Instructions for Form 8918.

Material advisors will receive a reportable transaction number for the disclosed reportable transaction. They must provide this number to all persons to whom they acted as a material advisor. They must provide the number at the time the transaction is entered into. If they do not have the number at that time, they must provide it within 60 days from the date the number is mailed to them. For information on penalties for failure to disclose and failure to maintain lists, see Internal Revenue Code sections 6707, 6707A, and 6708.

Requirement to maintain list.   Material advisors must maintain a list of persons to whom they provide material aid, assistance, or advice on any reportable transaction. The list must be available for inspection by the IRS, and the information required to be included on the list generally must be kept for 7 years. See Regulations section 301.6112-1 for more information (including what information is required to be included on the list).